As of May 2022 we are anticipating the NASH Digi COIN ...



If you are not inside our circle of family, friends and business partners you will need to be added to our inside circle list ASAP by calling today to 315-753-9959 and request to be added now!

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With NHI you can look forward to more time at the beach when you join us with our U.S. Federal Reserve Board (The FED) approved Synthetic Risk Transfer strategies in our co-General Partner, yes YOU as one of our GP's in our

9x-7x-5x (three funds or one fund if you choose) and getting in early for our discount launch price of our coming Digicoins!

Our Stablecoin and Blockchain with our co-GP Funds and our Nash Holdings growing Partners business model you can and will make money building your bottom line profits for years to come!

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At NHI Nash Holdings Inc. we pursue a vision to make the world a better place to live and to serve this goal we devise  a two-pronged crypto-strategy plan, foreseeing a revolutionary crypto economy and a distinctive ICO.

Our NASH Stable Coins

A designated block chain creation and market disrupter archetype, our anticipated Stable coin is a Seigniorage Stable coin backed by the hardest dualistic asset portfolio in its first layer that gains its value subjectively by the community of its users’ sheer value-perception and the portfolio value of bilateral hard money assets it is pegged to rather than speculations or inflationary malfunctions of profiteers and abusers.












Our NASH Stable Coins will be the product of years of research of our financial and crypto specialists. Enjoying an exclusive block chain technology, all the transactions of our Stable coins will be settled and processed in its secondary layer and unique lightning network throughout the globe.


Is to tap into the 2.1 quadrillion Tech market of GTE (Global Token Exchange), at NHI Nash Holdings Inc., we anticipate our Digicoin Token ICO, a crypto token offering we design for the convenience of our global users to transact and participate in the vast pool of tokenization economy.












Utilizing a future NASH created Block chain, our Digi Coins may have the utility of top Investment strategies and funds as our token foundation and will be a foolproof tool for your success in the global IPO exchange market navigation and we are surefire you will change your financial destiny by means of our anticipated Digi Coins and related tokens forever.

With our NASH block chain ... we will add more information soon.

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