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Our Corporation has now completed another venture and acquisition with a top high level internet technology developer KSC HOLDINGS INC. for retail sales, travel, movie making and many other future opportunities with research and development.  At this time the time we anticipate to announce more transparency for this acquisition in the near future with NASDAQ Globe News Wire Press Releases.


NHI will also create an investment opportunity for a handful of investors / joint venture partners, to join us in the future value for this international Corporation to get in early and share on the future profits.  Our new partner is based in the Pacific Rim and has been in talks with Google and other like Corporations that have interest in some of our products and services, we feel very confident moving ahead.


This and other anticipated acquisitions with other businesses both national and international will continue to expand our multi global corporation for years to come.

Another example of other products and services that Nash Holdings and our Joint Venture Partners will design, create, copyright your comic animated characters for mobile applications, merchandising like t-shirts, mugs, stickers and much more!  


We have a wide discerning eye for the GLOBAL MARKET PLACE with great knowledge of the growing related  IT industry.  Plan your new projects with us in mind, commanding the business collaboration you deserve and we will deliver  with joint passion.  You may even buy licensing rights to any of our products that we currently offer for your own marketing and branding!

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