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Robert Nash is a Member of the following U.S. Gem, Mineral and Lapidary Societies and Associations:

GMSS – Gem & Mineral Society of Syracuse, NY   

(local NY State Member)

ELMLS – Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc.  (U.S. Northeastern Region Member)

NFMLS – National Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc. (U.S. National Member)



Welcome to NASH HOLDINGS INC. (NHI) and our new NOMAD EXPLORATION (NE) (DBA) we have Co-Founder with.  Your amazing “Equity Investor Partner” opportunity to join us with our NHI IPO, other business models and for NE’s first 1,000 acres and lode claims (detached) exploration and development.  NASH HOLDINGS INC., Board Directors and 50% owner with our partner, an incredible person (our “secret weapon”) who has more than 40 years as one of the most experienced miners and geologists for all precious metals.  NOMAD EXPLORATION has over $4,000,000.00 invested in our first 1,000 acres in western U.S., which includes all maintenance, U.S. Federal Bureau of Land Management fees, required state(s) land management fees, development-equipment, fuel, transportation, soil samples, assay reports, land-air surveying requirements, road construction, helicopter needs, office expenses, rock and metal examinations, technology, consulting, international investor required travel/lodging and other costs.


With our Geologist Partner (our Secret Weapon) our mining claim properties, over 1,000 acres all properly filed and recorded with the United States Federal Bureau of Land Management and respective states, counties according to federal mining laws all inclusive.  These hand selected claims have geological pathfinders proven to provide mineralization needed for our and investment equity Partner's profit.  Additional assays will be performed by an independent laboratory in coming weeks and months as needed.  There is potential for platinum and positive findings of gold, copper, zinc, lead, silver and other precious metals on and in the grounds of all our land claims.


Our ability to locate these properties comes from decades of learning from top geologists throughout the world.  He has enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside a multitude of experts in varying environments using advanced equipment and consulting for the largest explorations companies for over 40 years.  An incredible strong willingness to incorporate new ideas and techniques, as well as having developed his own discovery methods lending to his successes. 


The experience to identify pathfinder elements in relation to ore bodies permits us to discover what others simply are unable to identify, allowing us to find and follow concealed elements for thousands and thousands of feet.  We will place insurance with the largest private broker worldwide in U.S. to cover against bad actors, board and employee protection with officers, fidelity and criminal policies; best protection against all losses.

Many of our discoveries occurred during his travels by air in a helicopter traversing Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, both Dakota’s, California and other states on a grid system.  Viewing color anomalies, numerous northwest trending narrow black dikes and older hand-dug workings spiked my initial interest, some decades ago, as videos shown here on this page-website.  Exploration proved highly anomalous with lead, zinc and silver, also showing traces of copper and gold.  We estimate the main ore zone lies under the red rhyolite which is mostly unexplored.  


The basement rock is a gray-blue schist sampling over 100 ppb of gold, over 20 times that of the average earth’s crust.  Another area includes a copper rich vein that strikes contiguously and traced over 1000 feet before dipping near vertically.  Prospecting efforts identified numerous small, poorly exposed copper rich outcrops as much as 500 feet from the main vein.  Visible chalcocite samples from the property run over 20% copper.  The targets are identified, our land areas have been secured, all paperwork is filed and approved.


Listed below are some of our mining properties that partially makes up the 1000+ acre land package. Three of which NHI visited on our recent trip on February 28th, 2018 and consummating our merger acquisition.  Please note we have included 49 claims and we can easily add more claims at most our properties.  Each lode mining claim is 600 feet x 1500 feet which is 20.66 acres. Even without adding another claim we are over 1,000 acres, however we anticipate adding 1,000 or more acres each year.


One group consists of 20 lode claims, properly staked and recorded with the United States Federal Bureau of Land Management and related county recording.  The claim block occurs on the northeast flank of one set of mountains.  This discovery and area found by flying over by helicopter on 1/4-mile line spacing back in 2002.  


From approximately 500 feet above the area our Partner spotted a few old hand dug prospector workings, color anomalies and numerous northwest trending narrow black dikes.  We landed, and I took several samples of these manganese-iron stained highly silicified dikes.  The samples assayed highly anomalous lead, zinc, silver, traces of copper and traces to 0.03 gold.  Since that time, we have sampled from old diggings and a few outcrops material that assayed as much as 30-40% combined lead-zinc, up to 7 opt silver and up to 0.10 gold and traces of copper. 

The mineralization appears to occur in dark faulted basalts, dikes and an iron stained andesite.  Above the basalt and andesite, the area is surrounded on 3 sides by rhyolite.  On the south end of the claims the rhyolite has a red, heavily iron stained appearance where the rhyolite in other areas appears to be tan to gray.  On close inspection of the reddish rhyolite cliffs, we have discovered small blebs of galena (lead sulfide).  Instinct tells us the main ore zone may be under the red rhyolite which has been unexplored.  A few windows of a gray-blue schist, the basement rock also occur on the claim block.  One sample of this schist assayed over 100 ppb (parts per billion) gold, over 20x the average of the earth’s crust, very valuable indeed.


A second group consists of 5 lode claims.  As before we spotted this from the air at about 300 feet above.  From the air we could easily see piles of oxide copper and a shaft where someone had dumped an old stripped car to block the shaft.  Samples taken from the stockpiles ran from 3 to 10 % copper, traces of silver and gold.  Here a copper rich vein strikes north and can be traced as much as 1000 feet and dips near vertical.  Recent prospecting efforts have identified numerous small, poorly exposed copper rich outcrops, as much as 500 feet away from the main vein.  The mineralization occurs in altered granite and porphyry dikes.  visible chalcocite, a very high-grade copper mineral that often carries gold and silver and several of these samples ran well over 20% copper.


A third land block consists of 14 lode claims.  These claims are located on the southeast flank of the other close mountains about 5 miles from our other claims.  We located this area by good old-fashioned prospecting hoping to find the south end a northwest trending detachment fault.  The few exposures hand dug show copper oxides, carry some gold and silver and show strong earth sample signs of platinum.  We are waiting for our material assayed platinum and other metals reports due soon.  Assaying for any of the rare metals is expensive and lab turnaround time is very thorough and slow.  The host rock is a mixture of altered coarse grained granite, banded gneiss and locally an epidote rich schist.  Much of the area is concealed by talus and alluvium.


A fourth land group of 10 lode claims are ideally located a mere four miles from our other land blocks.  These claims are situated on the pediment near the northwest end of the rugged mountains some miles from our other claims and blocks.  Much of the claim block is concealed by a thin layer of alluvium hiding the gold rich outcrops.  Gold rich rusty, vuggy quartz float is often found on the surface.  The next claim block is northwest of our additional block and mines, where rich free milling gold was mined in around 1880-1890.  Placer gold is found in the small and larger desert washes, often in large amounts near bedrock in cracks, fractures and crevices.  The host rock is poorly exposed but where seen is either a limonite smeared gneiss, heavily iron stained altered coarse-grained granite and occasional narrow fine grained light-colored dikes.  


If you are ready as a qualified Investor and would like to purchase your Equity Investor Partnership and Ownership with us for this first 1,000 acres of filed lode claims and limited time bonus, contact us at (315) 753-9959.

View our NHI IPO and NOMAD EXPLORATION Presentation

To view our FIRST 50 LODE CLAIMS BLM FILINGS select the picture below

We are currently qualifying with NY State Start-Up NY, Empire State Development, NY Cornell University for future incubator relations, NY Venture Capital, Grants, Loans, 10-year NY State Tax Exemptions with a lead NY Government Advisory Executive Board Member who oversees all the Regional Executive NY Government Leaders for NY State related programs and assistance. 

We may launch several new subsidiaries with facilities in technology, health products, sustainable products and more; both in the NYC area and Upstate NY.  Also, NY State provides Global assistance for exporting and importing as well.

Below set of videos from over 1,000 acres another 2,000 to 3,000 to be added  by August 2018 or earlier!

When deep in the western states, mountains and deserts you better have proper security and protection.

Nash Holdings & Lockton the No. 1 Private Insurance Company in the World to Insure NHI with Multi-Millions of Dollars of Protection with Crime, Directors & Fidelity Insurance Security.

We are currently qualifying with NY State Start-Up NY, Empire State Development, NY Cornell University for future incubator relations, NY Venture Capital, Grants, Loans, 10-year NY State Tax Exemptions with a lead NY Government Advisory Executive Board Member who oversees all the Regional Executive NY Government Leaders for NY State related programs and assistance.  We may launch several new subsidiaries with facilities in technology, health products, sustainable products and more; both in the NYC area and Upstate NY.  Also, NY State provides Global assistance for exporting and importing as well.

All of NHI's investment opportunities are for serious potential investment partners, government leaders and current business owners or start-ups that would like to invest or expand in the UAE or other Partner countries with NASH HOLDINGS and our UAE Partners; in the one or all seven Emirates and we will bring the red-carpet treatment for your sponsorship, authorities, Visa requirements and more as future Partners with our Group.  Below view more about this new and growing part of NHI, pictures, videos, sanitized documents and bring yourself up to speed quickly, then call us at (315) 753-9959 USA.

As you will learn in our business plans NOMAD EXPLORATION has and will continue to use helicopters as to view the land, capture samples, explore and develop to stake additional lode and block claims. 

Below view videos when Nash visited a new helicopter developer (small two seat energy efficient with high performance turbo engines) when in Italy while on other Partner and Investor trips in Europe, the Middle East/UAE/Turkey and other areas.  Also, view at our NEWS page/tab videos from VIP Tour in Maranello, Italy of Ferrari HQ.  These helicopter are remarkable and we anticipate as our Investor Partner Equity Capital continues to accumulate we will purchase a couple of these or another helicopter manufacturer very soon.  This will save us on outside increasing helicopter costs in the future.

All videos and pictures created and owned by NHI Nash Holdings Inc. (NHI).
Our advanced valuation roll-out are: precious metals for buy-sell contract origination and sub-licensing for others to originate their own buy-sell contracts; NHI Partner Ownership of over 1,000 acres, federal mining claims, and growing in western U.S.; The NEW future of "virtual currency" with our real value (not fake mining value; Note: 70% of all DARK virtual currencies have been shut down and the remaining are under serious investigations by the U.S. Federal Government and our ALLIES around the world; with "NASH GOLD CRYPTO COINS" crypto virtual currency we will anchor with real value as presented with on this website with our growing holdings business model .
Also our NEW 10 year NO LOSS Gold Investment Program which both our NCCC and our 10 year NO LOSS Gold Investment Program underwritten by a retired U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Enforcement Investigation Division Department Attorney/Prosecutor and Department of Justice (DOJ) targeting fraud-bad actors in crypto virtual currency, which he is now in private practice here in U.S. with offices worldwide.  NHI is also inside and partnered with a U.S. citizen and experienced currency exchange transaction professional with approval for over $10 Billion in project funding which is being processed by Barclays Bank, all verified by Nash Holdings directly. 
NHI NASH HOLDINGS, INC. will aggressively accelerate the following:

 Gold and other precious metals exploration in USA & Worldwide; also offering 25% of our current western U.S. - 1,000+ acres to qualified Equity Partner(s) for large profits

 Originating Oil & Gas Buy/Sell Contracts Worldwide Partnered

 Originating Gold Buy/Sell Contracts Worldwide Partners

 Originating Buy/Sell of Heavy Equipment for Explorations of Oil/Gas/Gold

 Launching the NEW Regulated virtual currency sector with NASH GOLD DIGITAL COINS

 Launching our NEW 10 Year NO LOSS/RISK Gold Investment Program

 Filing with one of the Top Experienced Law Enforcement Attorneys for both 6 & 7

    Targeting Real Estate Projects and accelerating our Private Airport, Luxury Homes
and other Real Estate Investments plans quickly ahead

 Accelerating our Alive Aloe New Whole Bodies Foods/Beverages Worldwide

 Accelerating our Orthodontic Patented Partner Products Worldwide

 Accelerating our Financial Course/Book Worldwide teaching U.S. Finance/Credit+

 Accelerating our Start-Up Movie Entertainment Productions Worldwide from NY/CA

 Invitations to Worldwide Investors to partake in small, medium or large size investments we offer; also for a few key very large accredited Investors that will Purchase up to 25% of NASH HOLDINGS, INC as new Managing Members/Directors and/or to Purchase up to 25% of  any of the above separate businesses which will plan to be transferred under NASH HOLDINGS, INC's Parent Company Umbrella / Global Partners continues to GROW!

 To follow the successful lead and success by design of Warren Buffett's holdings business model Berkshire Hathaway the larges value stock in the world.





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