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Our Team is anticipating Investors who will agree that these incredible Wall Street events should and will be made into a feature film production with a passionate cast of VIP actors bringing this exciting and first hand true story to the big screen!

About the Author:

Todd M. Schoenberger is a seasoned Wall Street professional who has voluntarily chosen to enter the near-impossible industry of published literacy with his first novel; a story chronicling a series of challenging events during his time in lower Manhattan.  He currently resides in Upstate New York and has vowed to never return to the world that nearly destroyed his life.

From former Wall Street Hedge Fund executive and frequent contributor on CNBC, FOX Business News, Bloomberg TV and Radio News and CNN among other agencies, features a historical novel inspired by true events, including but not limited to those who possess impenetrable dreams of Manhattan wealth and the consuming lifestyle it perpetuates. 

"Men like J. Wellington Poor and Travis Carmichael privately wanted to make more money.  The currency wasn't about buying more items or traveling to an exclusive locale on planet earth.  It was a scorecard.  Make more, have more, and indirectly remind others they will never have more than you."

Travis Carmichael:  The seemingly social financier who successfully left behind a blue-collar Baltimore upbringing by transforming himself into an elite Hedge Fund manager branded with the sterling reputation for creating enviable profit machines for may of the world's most powerful people.  His success proved costly as he became incessantly vulnerable after a series of careless mistakes and poor decisions originated from his love affair with the brilliant and stunningly beautiful Russian operative Naomi Knight.

Through a roller-coaster journey of greed, mystery, sex and murder, Travis and Naomi's metamorphosis from a scorching Wall Street couple to unrecoverable bliss is forever locked for posterity as one of New York City's most interesting tales.


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