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PaNash Designs! and NASHional APPAREL & CLOTHING!

PaNash Designs and NASHIONAL APPAREL and CLOTHING will become TWO companies - which were initially planned to be for the retail distribution of NASH HOLDINGS logo garments for Investors to purchase and wear proudly!   Another way of looking at it is simply like this;  If you own shares (securities) of a public or private Holdings Company (Nash Holdings, Inc.) simply as a shareholder you really own a piece or percentage of the Holdings Company -  especially when your wearing their product, literally!

With our Holdings Company in the near future, the more we promote to our shareholders and the non-shareholders/general public to purchase Company logo/apparel and related and also, food, beverages, services related to our Holdings Business Model and related Companies under our umbrella, then the more NET EARNINGS our Company would anticipate to add to its REVENUES and would anticipate to see our EPS / Earnings Per Share - would increase and our Stock Price and Share Daily Volume would go UP which is what every shareholder WANTS!  What a Plan right, not rocket science!


Remember a Company with a SERIOUS MISSION should do everything possible to promote the purchasing of it stock shares/securties to the general public, not only nationally but internationally.  It should be encourgaging current shareholders to purchase additional shares on a regular basis and any non-shareholders to become new shareholders for the first time in its Company!  


All serious shareholders that are satisfied with the running and managing of a Company should see the intelligence in displaying the logo of that Company so others will be encouraged to not only buy the Company products/services but to purchase the Company stock and become a NEW shareholder.  This is why we will always BRAND our future Ticker Symbol (NASH as an example) with all future advertising, websites etc.  This would make every shareholder happy due to the increased volume of shares being purchased and with all factors working together the Company leadership is BRANDING FULL CIRCLE or a 360 Company Economics!!!

Future Employee:  Yes - This Apparel Store is OWNED by NASH HOLDINGS ... how did YOU know this!?


  Future Customer/Investor:  Well due to the fact that I AM A SHAREHOLDER :) !


Future Employee:  Well so am I as an Employee with my Employee Stock Grants and when I take of advantage of my Employee Stock Options each year, isn't it GREAT :) and the Stock is doing very good!

If you purchase products and services of Companies you are a shareholder in and many shareholders do the same, then you are RE-Investing in other ways back into the Company and continually purchasing the stock shares and really SECURING your shareholder investment by increasing the Holdings Company sales and growing their Business Model, a double or triple security in a way.  Now the best time to purchase is ... well everyone knows this .. when the stock price is lowest!  Which is the case with our Holdings Company and all Start-Ups, from very little/home based to mid size and growing to Fortune 500!


If you purchase your own jacket, shirt, hat etc. with the Company logo you are buying another piece of the Company or its products and reinvesting back into the Holdings Company that you are a shareholder in and if many Investors do the same the apparel and clothing, food, beverags etc., these purchases bring more net profits to the Holdings Company and an anticipated return for the shareholders would be expected and the case! 


Thus stating, " I own a piece of the Holdings Company, in more than ONE WAY, by wearing the logo/apparel, eating the food/beverage and services and oh YES being a shareholder! " All shareholders should support the products/services of what is in their Investment Portfolio if not most the shareholders, right?

Our President and CEO has thought for some time, the concept of putting his name NASH with PANASH (panache) Designs and and simply NASHIONAL (National) Apparel  & Clothing (NASHIONAL AC) to be short!


1. PNASH is Very cool, high in cromulence, i.e. that has certain amount of PNASH (panache)


2. Everyone should have National Pride or NASHIONAL Pride is how we like to say it here


We do expect more than garments, apparel and footwear with these two Companies.  Future Companies we anticipate will be under the Parent NHI.  Such other products we anticipate will be with jewelry, furniture and more!   


Stay TUNED! 


View below to Peak your NASHIONAL interest with little added PaNash!



One day soon you will be able to just follow your feet to future PNASH DESIGNS and NASHIONAL Apparel & Clothing Stores near YOU!  


Where our ANCHOR and FOUNDATION will always be Food, Beverage Travel and Entertainment, but as a Holdings Company we will be cautionsly optimistic about additional MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS!

Forward Looking Statements:  Any historical performance data represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results; Current performance may be different than the performance data presented; The Company is not required by law to follow any standard methodology when calculating and representing performance data; The performance of the Company may not be directly comparable to the performance of other private or registered funds or companies; The securities are being offered in reliance on an exemption from the registration requirements, and therefore are not required to comply with certain specific disclosure requirements; The Securities and Exchange Commission has not passed upon the merits of or approved the securities, the terms of the offering, or the accuracy of the materials.

Our 506c Reg D - Preferred Stock Offering is now being POWERED by Google Campaign Management Ads with Investor Related websites like: LiveCharts.Co.UK Profit.Ly StockMaster.In StreamingLab.Net and MORE TO COME!!

We also are POWERED with "adagogo" cell app/ads and INFO USA Sales Genie!

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