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Our NASHDAX DIGITAL CURRENCY EXCHANGE is being created now and coming soon!
Account holders will be in a sense like our business partners' that will have direct streamlining to all our products and services:



NASH GP CAPITAL CO-GP FUND OF FUNDS with required U.S. FED Regulations, compliances and the highest A star rating of institutional high grade private equity funds and with FED planned approvals as required for our fund's synthetic risk transfer strategy; highest potential for fund profits of all funds with current 2x double planned returns to 3x for future fund renewals, every 5 years.

NASH 24 Karat Gold Tangible Coins (yes real gold coins) with our built in discount all made possible with our relationship with the administrator King representing all 54 Royal Families in Indonesia.

Many other products and services as we roll out our NASHDAX Exchange and our NASH GOLD Digi Coins (NASHGD) which is a current stable price of one dollar on our first exchange based in the areas of Persia and the Middle East for those account holders.

Our NASHDAX Exchange will be open to the majority of the world with first currencies being USD and EURO.


As you will learn or know already, NHI supports, educates and believes in full regulations and compliance with all banking, digital exchanges, blockchains under all world Central Banks,, authorities guided under the United States Federal Reserve Board Systems, we are proud of laws allowing us all to adapt and trust that our assets will be protected and risk free with international insurances. 


We anticipate that our launch of NASHDAX (July 2023) digital exchange will allow U.S. citizens to transfer their assets via the U.S. FedNow 24/7 365 instant payment system blockchain speed with assurance, into our NASHDAX digital exchange, to open a trusted NASH CASH wallet account and purchase our NASH GOLD crypto tokens or become a co-General Partner in our NASH GP Capital Fund of Funds (U.S. FED regulated and required U.S. FED risk strategy approval and all assets held in a U.S. FED required top 10 U.S. custodial bank account) or buy our future 24 Karat REAL GOLD coins at discount.  Below see a quick U.S. FedNow instant payment video also set to launch in July 2023.

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