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NHI NASH HOLDINGS welcomes the wonderful passionate Royal Families and lovely citizens to join our two co-GPs (co-General Partnerships). First, is our NASH GP CAPITAL LLC for our A+ U.S. FED Regulated Compliant Fund, of U.S. Funds (also U.S. FED Reg/Compliant Funds) and secondly, our NASH GOLD LLC for our NASH GOLD (NASHGD) Crypto and Ethereum based minted crypto of 4 billion Nash Gold tokens safe in our Ethereum Meta Mask wallet. 

Our Company follows all U.S. regulations and compliance and as both our co-GPs are legally "Private Investment Profit CLUBS" we may offer all international citizens the opportunity to join our Private Club where you are a voting member of the LLC's and own an individual CAP percentage amount of the co-GPs themselves. Besides yourself as a co-GP voting member and CAP percentage ownership we plan to pay yearly BONUSES like a DIVIDEND to all co-GP owners/partners with all of us together!

We anticipate creating and launching our own crypto digital currency exchange called NASHDAX to place our NASH GOLD crypto tokens, Bitcoin tokens and a few other top cryptocurrencies on.  We will also place our co-GP A+ Fund and our future 24 karat real gold coins partnered with Indonesian Royal Families on this NASHDAX digital exchange for our co-General Partners and any world citizen to trade or purchase within. 


We believe in the next years all world stock exchanges like IDX and central banks like BAC in Indonesia will all be trusted compliant digital currency exchanges as well.

No others have this opportunity with NHI Nash Holdings Inc.  As our acceleration grows with Indonesian citizens, your great country will be the first country outside of the U.S. that we plan to open an office in and start a wider business relationship with from manufacturing partners to philanthropy/charity and opportunities together with passion.

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