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Nash Holdings is arranging the capital assets to launch the exciting NEW STANDARD OF CARE, YES THE FUTURE OF ORTHODONTIC APPLIANCES & DENTAL PRODUCTS.


Our passionate Partners and Developers of these great othodontic appliances and dental products have hit a needed "HOME RUN" when it comes to assisting our teeth with every problem that can occur.  We anticipate worldwide success, with for-profit and philanthropy assisting world citizens to have a healthier, more attractive set of teeth and smile.  


Yes, merging technologies with needed HYBRID appliances that is less expensive, last much much longer and delivers a better final result.  Night guards, snore guards, palate expansions, general retainers, implant support retainers until the implant "takes", space maintainers for kids teeth until their other teeth erupt properly in place, distalizer supportives when an old implants start collapsing.   Patient's acceptance, more comfortable, sturdier, many colors and having much more compliance.

In the picture below, partner is displaying, will be a part of the PAST, in our minds. Those flimsy soft mouth guards that are five times as expensive as our NEW SUPPORTIVE GUARDS, WITH STURDY HYBRID TECHNOLOGY FOR OTHODONTIC APPLIANCES AND DENTAL PRODUCTS WITH A NEW STANDARD OF CARE!

EXPANDERS: ours: $120 / theirs: $350

GENERAL RETAINERS:  ours: $120 and theirs: $350

Most if not all patients require general retainers

MYOFUNCTIONAL THERAPY APPLIANCES: ours> $100 / theirs> $2,000

60% of cases are ORTHO

NIGHT GUARD APPLIANCES: ours > $100 / theirs > $1,200

night guards are required by 80% of patients

SLEEP APNEA APPLIANCES: ours > $400 / theirs > $3,000

SPACE MAINTAINERS: ours > $750 and theirs> $750

of all ORTHO patients almost half, 40% of patients requires space maintainers

In the picture below, view the metal palate expander phase one, which is very uncomfortable especially for children.  The next picture shows our clear, removable palate expander, light weight and actually works on the mouth and not abrasive to the teeth.  Also, easy for children to remove, brush, floss and gargle and replace simply back in their mouth.


All interested investors, especially dentist's worldwide, if you wish to join in as a DIRECTOR/OFFICER with one of our NHI NASH HOLDINGS PARTNER PROGRAMS, call (315) 652-2274 EST NY U.S.

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