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   This ESSENTIAL NEWS - Archived Page is dedicated to NHI News from before 2014
As with any essential and massive research, such as our PPM and anticipated Reg D SEC filing, we have added essential additional material such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's START-UP NY Tax Free Program - which Nash Holdings anticipates to participate fully with the Governor's and New York's NEW Program.
View related Start-UP NY links >                 
Also we anticipate to launch our IT related "VIP Platinum Founders Memberships - Marketing Plan" by Q2 2014, which will give huge discounts on website hosting, email services, incentives, rewards, giveaways, special VIP treatment with one lifetime payment as a VIP Member, which is being added to the PPM as well.  Our IT services/website is anticipated by end of first quarter 2014 or sooner. 
In the "GLOW" of the Time Square lights at the NASDAQ OMX Times Square office during our trip in October 2013 at the past The CR Magazine's Annual COMMIT!Forum with Nash as a past Featured Gold Member 2011-2015

October 8 - 9th 2013

Part of the Nash Holdings Team, Robert Nash, David Stewart and Nick Peters had a very successful, educational and exciting time at the CR Magazine's Annual COMMIT!Forum past 2013-2014 Annual Event, was held in New York City both at the Marriott Downtown NYC and in part at The NYSE EURONEXT in past years.
In the past we have represented proudly and encouragingly, as Nash Holdings, Inc. a past several years as a Featured GOLD Company Member and Past Ambassadors for past CRA both in the USA and Internationally with promoting and in the past marketing the message to possible NEW Members with the most important and fastest growing Association in the past years. 
At the CRA, The CR Magazine COMMIT!Forum with James Murren CEO of MGM International Resorts and Casinos, Robert Nash and Nick Peters in 2013
Jim Murren, Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International, Joins The Corporate Responsibility Officers Association as Executive Chairman of the Board of Trustees
PHILADEPHIA, October 9, 2013 PRNewswire              
The Corporate Responsibility Officers Association (CROA) announced today that James Murren, the Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International, will join the CROA as the Executive Chairman of the Board of Trustees.  "I have been involved with CROA for a number of years, during which it has matured into a true professional society for CR practitioners, senior executives and c-suite officers," said Elliot Clark, CROA Treasurer and Chairman and CEO, SharedXpertise. "Jim is a natural choice to lead our board, particularly on the heels of his recent recognition by CR Magazine as CEO of the Year. He will be instrumental as we reach out to responsible c-suite officers."
An integral part of the CROA, The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the CROA whose primary objectives are to promote the practice and profession of corporate responsibility as a driver of business and social value. The Board of Trustees helps set the overall direction of the Advisory Board and the Association, ensuring that both act on their mission to provide value to members and society.                                                      
Nash with Duncan Niederaurer the President and CEO of The NYSE EURONEXT  on the Trading Floor, Wall St., NYC held in part with the CR Magazine's Annual COMMIT!Forum past Event in 2014
Nash Team during The NYSE EURONEXT Closing Bell Ceremonies, in participation with The CR Magazine's Annual COMMIT!Forum with Executive Director Allie williams, 2nd from the right.
Displaying NYSE EUORNEXT medallions a very ice gift from the CRA &  Annual Commit!Forum Summit and in the past years, held at the NYSE EURONEXT, this event was on October 9, 2013!
Nash Team with Rossana Paniccia Ionescu VP at TDBank, 2 Wall St., NYC across from the NYSE EURONEXT and our Official Bank.
Nash Team at The New York Stock Exchange with TD Bank's, Head of Environmental Affairs, Diana Glassman, after the October 9th, Closing Bell Ceremonies highlighting The CR Magazine's Annual COMMIT!Forum Summit for 2013-2014
Nash and Michelle Greene Senior Vice President for NYSE EURONEXT Corporate Responsibility at the 2013 CR Magazine's Annual COMMIT!Forum Summit!
Leo S. Mackay Jr., Vice President Ethics and Sustainability "Award Winner" with
Lockheed Martin Corporation and Nash at the 2013 CR Magazine's Annual COMMIT!Forum Summit held in part at the NYSE EURONEXT Wall ST. NYC.
Nash and Award Winner Dan Hesse CEO of Sprint at the 2013 CR Magazine's Annual COMMIT!Forum Summit held in part at the NYSE EURONEXT Wall ST. NYC
Rossana Paniccia Ionescu and Diana Glassman of TD Bank, Nash at Rossana's Office, 2 Wall St., NYC across from NYSE EURONEXT, these two ladies surely are TD Bank's hardest working professionals!
NHI's favorite CEO comment at the 2013 Annual Event!
James Murren MGM CEO discusses CR att the CR Magazine Annual COMMIT!Forum 2013 states - "why business strategy is great, but culture will eat business strategy for lunch everyday" 
Charles Moore Life Time Achievment Award Winner at Awards Dinner!  Charles was a key and essential Member of Paul Newman's Philanthropy Association  now known as or "Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy" at the 2013 CR Magazine's Annual COMMIT!Forum Summit held in part at the NYSE EURONEXT Wall ST. NYC.

“I helped to start CECP with the belief that corporate America could be a force for good in society.” 


Paul Newman, Founding Co-Chair, CECP

One of the most essential and important decisions of my life, to join the CRA as a past Member and particpate with the CR Magazine's Annual Commit!Forum Summits and Events.  We have been a past Member since 2011 - 2015, Robert Nash, CEO
Setember 2013


Nash Holdings Inc. is a past 2012-2015 Featured Gold Company Member with The Corporate Responsibility Association CRA.  With our Membership we have participated since 2011 - 2015 in The CR Magazine's Annual COMMIT!Forum Summits in part held at the NYSE EURONEXT on Wall St. and at the Marriot Hotel NYC Financial District, Held on October 8th/9th, 2013!
NOTE - Our Featured Membership with the CRA and any of the related entities, associations or participating members IS NOT an endorsement of our Investment PRE IPO Filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or our participation with the NEW Congressional Jobs Act!


Nash and Executive Team are past Ambassadors with the Corporate Responsibility Assocation (CRA) in  2013-2014!

Nash Holdings anticipates as we valuate to give back to great social causes like "City Invisible" in Catania, Sicily Italy where Alfia Milazzo, President has spent many years opening her heart and private school doors for some of the most unfortunate risk children in Sicily.  Music lessons, radio broadcasting, television production and much more.  The orchrestra recently performed for the Pope Francis in Rome.


Nash Holdings, Inc. Seeks a NASDAQ Small Cap to Complete Merger With Value











August 27, 2013 12:56   |  Source:  Nash Holdings Inc.


NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "Nash Holdings, Inc., announced today that we are forging ahead with a real-life Wall Street underdog story, with our new Company," states Robert Nash. Nash Holdings, Inc. ("the Company") is a Wyoming C-Corp with Nash as CEO and President and Nick Peters, SVP Controller.


About Nash Holdings: Nash Holdings is currently seeking a NASDAQ or NASDAQ/OTCQB Small Cap public company, to complete needed reverse merger. Some negotiations are in process, but the right and correct merger is required. Our goal is to locate the right public entity that currently needs value and complete the needed merger with our Company as the majority owner. We will be anchored with future food, beverage (QSR) restaurants and other future holdings to be acquired, unrelated to food, beverage.


Nash anticipates agreements with over twenty business partners. First in line are business owners with franchisee approvals that include Krystals, Dairy Queen-Orange Julius-Grill N Chill and others. According to recent news from WGRZ in Amherst, N.Y., Warren Buffet (Dairy Queen under Berkshire Hathaway) is pro Buffalo, NY and we are hoping, also other regions.  


We anticipate accelerating our "holdings" business model with food, beverage, and groceries as our foundation, also, trucking, ITech, real estate/REITS, precious gemstones, luxury travel, film production, sports agencies, import/export, media, groceries and more. View more at:




            Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund of CNY, Inc.


Breast Cancer Awareness Day at Syracuse, NY Chiefs Baseball Stadium August 2013

Bobby Nash and Billy Baldwin
Jill Baldwin, Nash & Jacqueline Baldwin-Calveric

Nash Holdings welcomes Nick Peters

Nick Peters has now teamed up with Nash Holdings Inc., a group of successful business partners. Nash Holdings is also planning to equity back TruDesign Studio and become a key component to future business ventures. Nick is also actively involved in the community in which he resides. He created the ‘Perrin’s Path Committee’ which designates a 1.2 mile "pedestrian only" trail that is part of the East Coast Greenway. This particular segment of trail in Myrtle Beach is part of the main trail that runs from Canada to the Florida Keys. After researching and reading about the successes of entrepreneurship, Nick began to focus on accelerated start-up companies. His appetite for success has led to becoming involved in multiple business ventures that include both architecture and the food, gas, beverage segment of the market. 
Nick Peters
At the October 9th, 2013 NYSE EURONEXT "Closing Bell Ceremonies" in part held with the CR Magazine's Annual Commit!Forum Summit in NYC, NY Wall St.
2011 through 2015 past years at 
the CRA, CR MAGAZINE ANNUAL COMMIT!FORUM Event WALL ST. NYC through our past Memberships with the CRA!
Allie Williams, Executive Director of The Corporate Responsibility Association (CRA)and  The CR Magazine COMMIT!Forum and Robert Nash 2013.  This picture in the NYSE EURONEXT Board Room, with the original NYSE Stock Exchange "Clock" used for Open and Closing Bell Ceremonies back in the 1800's.

The Annual CR Magazine COMMIT!Forum Summit, held partially at the NYSE EURONEXT in past years. 


The Corporate Responsibility Association, we feel is the leading essential professional association of corporate practitioners, service providers and non-profit and governmental influencers concerned with enhancing the practice and profession of corporate responsibility in service of good business through governance, risk and compliance (GRC), corporate social responsibility (CSR), environmental and corporate sustainability, and philanthropy.

The President and CEO (former as of 2015) of the NYSE Euronext, Duncan L. Niederauer and Robert Nash in 2012, our second year at the CR Magazine's Annual COMMIT!Forum Summit held in part at the NYSE EURONEXT on Wall St.

CRA empowers the individual -- through tools, best practices sharing, professional development, and a network of like-minded people - to enhance the role of companies in society and the natural environment. CRA members transform ideas into action, advancing corporate responsibility, the profession, and their careers. 


Nash has been a past member 2011-2015 and has participated in the "Closing Bell Ceremonies" due to his Featured Gold Membership in past years with the CRA and particpating with the CR Magazine's Annual COMMIT!Forum Annual Events.


Nash, his Executive Team are past proud Ambassadors for The Corporate Responsibility Association (CRA), for 2013.  



Robert Nash's first CR Magazine's Annual Commit!Forum Summit in 2011 held in part on Wall St. and the Closing Bell Ceremonies on the NYSE EURONEXT Floor was also his Mother's Birthday, September 27th!
On the NYSE EURONEXT Trading floor 2011, 2012, 2013 and looking forward to 2014 and beyond as CRA Member and Invite to the CR Magazine's Annual COMMIT!Forum Summits!
2013 CR Magazine COMMIT!Forum Summit VIP NYSE Executive Attendee List


Adoration for the Statue of the Bull on Wall St.

Some of us adore and protect, the Bull on Wall St.

2013 APRIL

In 2011, 2012 and 2013, Nash has made several trips to Albany, New York City, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, to meet with politicians for NY Economic Development, Investment Banks and future possible Business Partners.  Nash Holdings will continue to succeed with future relationships and continue to accelerate and shine as a Featured 2014 Gold Member Company with the CRA and past Ambassador 2013
Nash meets NY Senator Charles Schumer at the Innauguration of Luis Sepulveda in the Bronx, NY in 2013. Due to meeting the Senator, he was cooperative with introducing me to his NY City team for Economic Development, in which we anticipate furture productive meetings!

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo launches STARTUP NY September 2013!

The Great Empire State - New  York


In Las Vegas, NV at The National Association of Convenience Stores


NACS was founded August 14, 1961, as the National Association of Convenience Stores. It is an international trade association representing more than 2,200 retail and 1,600 supplier company members. NACS member companies do business in nearly 50 countries worldwide, with the majority of members based in the United States. The U.S. convenience store industry, with more than 149,000 stores across the country, posted $700 billion in total sales in 2012, of which $501 billion were motor fuels sales. 
NACS serves the convenience and fuel retailing industry by providing industry knowledge, connections and advocacy to ensure the competitive viability of its members' businesses. In 2007, the association shortened its name to NACS and added a tagline that better defines its presence both internationally and at the retail fueling level: The Association for Convenience and Petroleum Retailing. In 2010, this statement was further enhanced to The Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing.
Nash Holdings is all about VALUE, GROWTH, TRANSPARENCY, JOBS and MORE - we also enjoy our work and what we do, keep this in mind all of you, that will be future employees and partners - TEAM WORK!

The NYSE EURONEXT Entrance Wall St., NY, NY - October 9th, 2013!

Allie Williams, Executive Director of the CRA, The CR Magazine and Annual COMMIT!Forum and Nash ready to enter the NYSE EURONEXT October 9th, 2013
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