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We have brought you a 4-part HYPNOTHERAPY audio series created specially with Shea Shulman, CHT, CMMP, CLT, MAT, FAFS, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and multi-functional practitioner for NHI Nash Holdings Inc., to assist you with any anxieties that you may have involving past investments or fear of making money, healthy focus and other relations to lifestyle with your mental being.  To find out more about Shea view her website below. 

These below audio recordings are the 100% ownership of NHI Nash Holdings Inc and its Equity Partners and any unauthorized use, sharing or copying-duplication is fully illegal and will be investigated and reported to the proper U.S. and international intelligent agencies.

1 of 4 "Anxiety" HypnotherapyShea Shulman
00:00 / 30:10
2 of 4 "Fears of Investing?"
00:00 / 25:01

 To view Shea Shulman's website select any of the pictures below and her website will open in a new window on your browser.  We hope and wish you success with these hypnotherapy audio clips to overcome and deal with past anxieties in your life. 

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