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Actual aerial photo of our partnering airport runway and surrounding upstate NY landscape



Our Corporation anticipates the creative development of over a 100 acres with new airport runway for private high end development.  Plans may include private VIP homes for pilots that will travel from NYC and surrounding NY state, northeastern USA, nationally and possibly international business and private clients that will enjoy the upstate NY area, finger lakes, great lakes, wineries, restaurants, shopping, casinos and short trips to surrounding states, Canada, Manhattan and the Big Apple.


We will consider developing manufacturing facilities for future Nash Holdings and our targets of possibly solar and wind development products to market nationally and a solar investment farm as well.  Other options may include acquiring adjourning parcels of land that will increase the current 184 acres with possibly another additional 100 or 200 acres and provide a larger opportunity and creativity.  If current runway can be increased another 200 feet, then military and commercial larger aircraft can use this runway for emergency landings or more.


With the future success of this first airport project we will expect to research and learn additional sector essential keys to increase our interest to purchase additional private or public airports in the future under our holdings platform.  Keep in mind that some of this information on this page was past owners plans for public airport, we are only considering a private VIP airport, housing and job creation.


Note: a few of the images are old and until we can update. excuse the quality.
























Actual airport drawing of our airport project and land development



Some of the information on this page is addressing plans of previous owners that were considering a public airport with FAA grant monies and did succeed with some nice improvements including a new runway costing over $1M and other related changes.  The decision to show the public some of this past information will deliver additional facts to our current shareholders, future shareholders and partners, thus sharing more transparency of our corporation and partners value, experience and holdings platform plans. 


However our corporation and current Partners have ownership and have new desires and dreams for this real estate development.  Our relationship together will also expand to other real estate development.  The Partner family have long history of acquiring residential and commercial properties from storage businesses, restaurants, taverns, offices, apartments and other developments.


Our relationship has grown very close and we have optimistic plans and thoughts for many future investments together in real estate and possibly other businesses as well.  

Actual aerial photo of airport

Actual aerial photo of airport runway

Actual ariel photo of new runway and surrounding property

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