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Nash Holdings President of Restaurant Development, Frank "Skip" Follette has many years of experience in the hospitality, entertainment, food, beverage and the restaurant profession.
Over 25 years of ownership, development, consulting and many related aspects in the industry.
As our Company accelerates both with capital and job creation, Skip will be selecting the best individuals to come under his wing and build out our restaurant development and consulting to others in need for a change to create a new fresh name, look and menu, whether they are launching a new theme or doing a make over.
We are very excited as a TEAM together to launch ALIVE ALOE - New Whole Bodies, Drinks Foods and encourage restaurant owners to add our NEW "One of a Kind" ALIVE ALOE products and encourage their diners to try ALIVE ALOE flavored organic waters, lemonades, ice teas, margaritas, coladas, bloody mary's, yogurts, smoothies, gelatos, puddings etc. and take a coupld ALIVE ALOE Oil Capsules as well with .  
These creative resturant owners will be motivated with an incredible NEW Organic Vita-Nutrient ALIVE ALOE product to educate their diners to a healthier lifestyle and to purchase the
in-house ALIVE ALOE related whole drinks foods and to pickup  their 90 day or 30 day COMBO ALIVE ALOE 20X Concentrate and ALIVE ALOE Oil Capsules for home use!
View pictures of Skip's current make over in Fayetteville, NC.  The owners former name was "The Village Coffee House" and NEW name is still under process for copyright etc., however is a BISTRO theme!  Our Company as a TEAM congratulates Skip on his success with our first consulting and make over client, GREAT JOB SKIP!
One consulting area that seems to be an "in need" area is the following:
Employees in many restaurants and in food preparation, may become bored and physically tired when it is a "non-busy" time. It is at this time that restaurant owners and managers must motivate employees.  
We are agressive on cleansiness!   When the non-busy times of the day and evening come around, it is this time, when employees should be given cleaning tasks in the dining areas, kitchen, counter etc.  One incentive is to offer an employee to work at cleaning an area and become proud of the cleansiness work effort and maybe offer to leave a little early that shift and still get paid for entire shift.
Instead of sitting to standing around watching the next couple hours or more tick by, until they are punching out to leave for that shift, let them take on a cleaning task.  
This will make the work and public area more bacteria free, look pleasant to the public and employees and make the shifts go by faster.  Many times we enter restaurants and other businesses and it seems the employees are dragging, tired and not happy. Then we look around and see an area that needs cleaning.
A little cleaning on a regular basis, on top of normal side work is done quickly and never lets the location get to a point of needing a huge cleaning task to get it back in acceptable manner.
Also, with all businesses not just food and beverage, we strongly recommend employers to introduce our ALIVE ALOE products and maybe pay half or more the costs for their employees to take ALIVE ALOE - AM/PM supplement, every day.  This will assist each employee and employers, with huge vita-nutrients, alive enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids and give the body what it is designed to have and assist the body in fighting infectious diseases.  
Giving the employees natural energy, not from caffeine, sugars and other enemies of our bodies.  This we feel, will also assist the employer with keeping the company health care insurance costs down, less sick days for employees and more alert employees with natural energy.
When we at Nash Holdings and related companies need a boost we just take a straight shot of ALIVE ALOE 20X Cold Processed Concentrated Extract and within minutes you feel natural energy flow, without sugar, caffeine!   Also, when swishing it in the mouth for a couple minutes it assists in killing germs and fighting mouth diseases as proven for many years, naturally.
You will also learn on our ALIVE ALOE tab on this website, that we encourage all restaurants, clubs, fitness centers to add our ALIVE ALOE products and offer their patrons a HEALTHY CHOICE!  Straight shots of ALIVE ALOE or mixed with lemonade, teas, water and even alcoholic beverages, especially margaritas, bloody mary's, colada's etc.  
Also, promote as a whole food package with taking a couple of our ALIVE ALOE OIL Capsules to assist with the digestion of the mean to come at your restaurant etc.


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