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Our Company has continued to build our relationships with the government and private business investments in Cameroon Africa.  Nelson Gha is our President of Company Development and Kelly Kingsly, Vice President on his team, doing a fantastic job to accelerate our interests and value in their country.  


Nelson just visited Nash Holdings and Robert Nash in NY and time spent in Washington, DC in April and May 2017.   Cameroon is quickly becoming our African anchor for the continental expansion for years to come.

We are succeeding with first African investors for our U.S. SEC Regulation D 506C General Solicitation JOBS ACT, private investors for their interests in equity partnerships with our Orthodontic Dental products/retainers, our distribution of our financial book "U DO IT CREDIT FIXER" for education to younger and all ages of Cameroon professionals, some that will be traveling to USA for studies with employment or start-ups USA and also, equity partnerships with our distribution with future growth of



We are currently inviting USA heavy machinery producers and distributors to partner with our Company with seed assets to place with our bank advisory to inject additional assets to contract to purchase directly from heavy machinery related partners to ship to Cameroon for agriculture and infrastructure development.  


We will be introducing bio medical break throughs with our main European development partners with defeating cancer tumors, green rubbish waste processing to clean energy and reduction in pollution, investing in start-ups in Cameroon and existing businesses like retail clothing stores and businesses to other types of ongoing businesses.  Bringing value to Nash Holdings, our shareholders and business partners. 


UPDATE: Nelson Gha has recently landed an agreement for NASH HOLDINGS to distribute heavy machinery exclusive for 8 African countries, congratulations Nelson!

Pictures below are of Nelson Gha's first visit to USA and our NY State, Nash Holdings, Inc., Syracuse NY University, Oswego Maritime Harbor Museum, Destiny USA Mall Syracuse, NY one of the top 5 largest malls in America.



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