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We have combined our 50+ years of experience with lending, real estate and financial backgrounds, creating this incredible book.  View details to see all that we have covered and that you will learn for your success with "U DO IT ~ CREDIT FIXER" .... credit fixing is just the beginning of what you will learn.  With keeping credit repair as the foundation of the many tools education you will receive!

Our Company is very active with Corporate Social Responsibility and educational Causes. We will introduce our book to business owners from a couple of employees to hundreds/thousands of employees through their employers. The employer can join us in Corporate Social Responsibility to purchase a discount commercial package for all employees. For less than it would cost to treat their employees to a pizza, wing, soda/beer night. Employers will can choose to be proactive by purchasing and giving our book to their employees. Becoming a better employer and leader with assisting employees to fix their credit problems, qualify for home loans, HUD foreclosure properties and much more. Statistics are that 6 to 7 out of 10 Americans have problem or no credit. See below for more details.

Due to our book easily being reproduced illegally, all sales are final at time of purchase.


  • You have made a great decision to purchase our "U Do IT ~ CREDIT FIXER" book. Over 100 pages of credit repair, who &b what are the 3 credit bureaus, pulling your credit reports, reading your credit reports, collection company negotiations, writing update letters to EQUIFAX, TRANSUNION & EXPERIAN, following up with collection companies & the credit bureaus, deed quitclaims, establishing & re-establishing new credit accounts after problem or no credit rating, new loans after problem credit history, joint accounts, bankruptcy facts, home loans, government home loans, creative financing with private home loan lenders, HUD foreclosure properties for sale at huge discounts, pop quiz and much more!

    Due to our book easily being reproduced illegally, all sales are final at time of purchase.
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