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Our Corporation is approved with many qualified HISTORICAL BOND OWNERS with detailed JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENTS.  Our Partners are ready to sell their bonds NOW!


We put all our bond owners through a serious due diligence for authenticity and being a transparent bond owner with years in this sector.  Many of these historical bonds were created over 50 or even 100 or more years ago in all parts of the world.  The United States released with China many years ago Chinese Railroad Bonds.  German Deutche Bonds, Mexican Bonds and many more.


Currently many of these bonds are believed to receive a greater valuation which in the minds of many bond owners, is way over due.


If you are interested in purchasing such historical bonds, please contact us at 315.652.2274.  Below view our authentic pictures of some of the oldest on record Chinese Bonds, one of our Joint Venture Agreements (sanitized) and a list of bonds available.

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