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PAST AMBASSADOR - The CRA, The CR Magazine and COMMIT!Forum 2013 - 2014 held in part each year at NYSE EURONEXT Wall St., NYC - Nash has been a past CORPORATE SPONSOR & MEMBER 2011-2015.


Nash succeeds by educating investors and business partners to the importance of value and possibilities of a "holdings diverse business model" with now over 10 contracted business partners and many more being considered.  A graduate of NY's Ridley Lowell's Business School.  Global large accredited investors, government finance and economic ministers are taking notice and learning that Nash Holdings has growing stability, leadership and taking very seriously.  Nash has completed in 2019 a Joint Venture with VIP creating, Profiting 3 Points, Inc. (P3P) for smaller to mid-size Investors to bring in our Investment Group and create several Investment Opportunities for years to come.     Now as of 4th quarter 2019 will be offering commercial lending, 401k loans and POS merchant setups.


Nash, a past Member with the newest and largest, Wall St. Associations; The Corporate Responsibility Association (CRA), The CR Magazine COMMIT!Forum in 2011 - 2015 each fall for the past events. Nash has participated with the “Closing Bell Ceremonies” at the NYSE Euronext Wall St. 2011 - 2015 and Nash and his executive team were Ambassadors with The CRA for 2013.  Nash Holdings is a past Featured 2013 - 2015 Gold Member Company with the CRA another essential successful step for Nash with this very essential and important association and top corporate citizens and their CEO's. Note: The CRA, The CR Magazine COMMIT!Forum, are separate entities working together for one success involving Corporate Responsibility with Fortune 500 Companies, which is NOT an endorsement of Nash Holdings Pre IPO Offering RegD.


Nash with over twenty-five years with residential lending and eleven years in business/commercial lending, until the 2008 meltdown.  Nash had never participated in toxic lending, for the record.  Approved and registered, with the New York State Banking Department for lending in his past.  Nash has worked with private equity lenders, commercial lenders, residential lenders and ESOP’s.  Nash has owned past businesses and held executive management positions.  Nash born in 1960 and always displays his compassion for working towards value with transparency, job creation and corporate social responsibility.  Nash has successfully completed merger acquisition agreements with current joint ventures; including IT & IOT Technologies, International Valued Partners, Real Estate Land Developers, Food & Beverage, Film Production and more.


Nash has been educating and researching the required information for the SEC filings, with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, FINRA, OTC Markets and related; attorneys, auditors, and stock transfer agents.  The new information about the Congressional JOBS ACT and all advantages for Nash Holdings as a future public entity, NYSE, NASDAQ or OTCMarkets.  Future public SPIN OFF companies, foreign stock exchanges for dual listing and START UP New York State Tax Exemption Program.


He is proud of his humble beginnings and striving to succeed in today's business world. Being a mentor to younger people with motivational talks, advice and old fashion fundamental work efforts to change ones life, with a difference.  Coming from an "at risk kid" and abusive broken home, he always honors his mother for keeping him grounded, teaching him the people skills, determination and passion to respect all people as the most essential part of living life.  His mother led by example and always said "helping put a smile on someone's face or encouraging them to laugh was the positive spiritual way to live."


His direction for the future with hard work ahead for Nash Holdings with the possibilities down the road to exercise practices of philanthropy and make changes in parts of the world.   Nash is enthusiastic about building a TEAM of honest energetic employees, motivating everyone he comes in contact with, that no matter your background, one just needs to believe in one's self, go the extra mile and that doing your part with job creation, transparency, and training others to grow within themselves and to always give back.  Nash resides in the Syracuse, NY area and credits his spiritual beliefs and family as the core of his drive and compassion.




Gonul was born in Turkey and relocated to the United States in 1973.  She grew up in Rochester, NY.  While continuing her education she was started working at sixteen.


Graduating with her Bachelor's Degree in business management. Succeeding in and learning quickly with here past employers, many promotions, she gained essential experiences to launch her own businesses for over approaching 20 years now.  Gonul is also an Investment Partner/Owner with Nash Holdings, Inc. as well.

Gonul is a dual citizen both in America and Turkey and always striving to learn more in business bettering herself for continued success, meeting new business contacts, learning from their experiences' and knowledge motivates always motivates her.  She has been a friend with Robert Nash approaching 20 years.

With Nash Holdings she is learning quickly the "HOLDINGS" business format and foundation and will be key with introducing to successful Turkish business leaders, government leaders all of NHI's small, medium and large scale investment and business opportunities available from precious metals, oil and gas, our IPO private offering and much more.  Nash Holdings has become more valued with Gonul on our Executive Team.





Adam Greenwell is honored and delighted to join the International Executive and Senior Management Team for NHI. He has great personal respect for NHI CEO Robert J. Nash, and Mr Nash's approach to  Humanitarian and Environmental Projects, Ethical Financing and Corporate Social Responsibility. Adam aims to help accelerate the global expansion of NHI, through the company's focus on investment and Equity Partnerships; enhanced foreign relations through Mr Nash's merger with members of UAE Royal Families; development of Nash Cash Crypto Coins (NCCC) and NHI's Ten Year NO LOSS Gold Investment Program; and the originating of international contracts through interested clients for buying and selling, importing and exporting of all the major oil, diesel, gas products worldwide, and gold and other precious metals and ores.

NHI plays an important element in the betterment of people and society through its extensive knowledge of international finance and the generation of jobs, wealth, and camaraderie through teams achieving goals together. 

Adam  is a producer of multi-media, writer, and social entrepreneur based in New Zealand. He graduated with a degree in Social Anthropology from Massey University. Since then, he has undertaken courses in music and theatre studies. Adam is the author of Wrestling and Nestling, a book about New Zealand society as seen by well-known New Zealanders including the late Rt Hon Sir Wallace Rowling, former Prime Minister of New Zealand. He completed a bi-lingual music tribute to Leonardo da Vinci in 1998, the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s fresco The Last Supper.


Since the new millennium began, he has assisted his mother, filmmaker and writer Professor Liz Greenwell (Energime University) in her two major film projects – No Chance to Paint the Canvas (2001) about civil society on a global scale; and Watering the Fields of Humanity, (in production) the greatest example of global cooperation ever committed to celluloid. Professor Greenwell was presented with a medal from St Pope John Paul II, which is now a Third Class Holy Relic.


Adam is a tenacious and tireless networker who has spent much time bringing together groups and individuals from around the globe in the cause of protecting our environment and fostering commitments to human rights and educational empowerment. His efforts have greatly expanded the reach and visibility of Energime University throughout the world. His work originated with assisting the mission of Professor Liz Greenwell and her humanitarian outreach. Professor Greenwell founded “Global Cooperation Day” and several other U.N. supported efforts developed to build a global consensus in addressing the critical issues we face as a inter-connected population.


Kenya's PAKA (Passing Ancestral Knowledge Along) Foundation invited Professor Greenwell to partner in current efforts to assist the North Horr region near the Ethiopian border. The PAKA Prof Liz Greenwell INSPIRED Program has already been submitted to Nexus, the same global scientific conference that helped formulate Agenda 2030, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015.  Agenda 2030 is the first global agreement that recognizes the interlinkages between sectors and suggests ways to address them.


INSPIRED  stands for "In​tegrated S​upport for P​astoralist I​nitiatives for Re​silience and


The program targets 15,000 households which equates to 90,000 vulnerable persons in affected community. The beneficiary range from marginalized group including elderly, those living with disabilities, chronically ill, widows and single mothers and orphan. It will also include wider vulnerable pastoral household gravely affected by drought through loss of livelihood assets (livestock). The project aims to save lives of people and households devastated by drought hazards and enable them to rebuild their livelihood strongly.






PAST AMBASSADOR - The CRA, The CR Magazine and COMMIT!Forum past attendee for 2013-2014 held in part that year at the NYSE EURONEXT Wall St., NYC


Nick Peters is a dynamic and motivated professional with a proven track record of significantly enhancing business operations. His professional experiences have given Nick a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience while working within all functions and levels of business. He is an experienced project manager with professional experience in business, architecture and land planning. 


He currently owns and operates a successful design firm called TruDesign Studio.  His firm has experienced steady growth through a weak economy and is currently involved in one of the largest projects on the Southeast Coast.  


His recent project experience includes a 30M Student Recreation and Convocation Center at a local University and 90M airport terminal expansion project for Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR). Upon completion of his graduate degree in business (MBA), he became an adjunct professor at Coastal Carolina University teaching a senior level project management course. 


After researching and reading about the successes of entrepreneurship, Nick began to focus on accelerated start-up companies. His appetite for success has led to becoming involved in multiple business ventures that include both architecture and the food, gas, beverage segment of the market.


He has now teamed up with Nash Holdings Inc., a group of successful business partners.  Nash Holdings is also planning to equity back TruDesign Studio and become a key component to future business ventures.  He is also actively involved in the community in which he resides. He created the ‘Perrin’s Path Committee’ which designates a 1.2 mile "pedestrian only" trail that is part of the East Coast Greenway.

This particular segment of trail in Myrtle Beach is part of the main trail that runs from Canada to the Florida Keys. We are proud and fortunate that Nick has joined our TEAM!





Nelson Gha Achuo is a strong dynamic business entrepreneur from Cameroon with special interest on facilitating several businesses to investing in Africa countries with Nash Holdings as the foundation.  Nelson has served as one of Nash Holdings' Worldwide Public Relations and Executive Marketing Manager since 2016.  Nelson later became our President for Cameroon and Africa Development and has worked with much passion for our great company. 


He was instrumental in an early success under Nash Holdings name to distribute heavy equipment for an Asian Manufacturer to eight African countries, he is also very committed to educate Africans to Nash Holdings values and bringing investors. 


Nelson also served as the Regional Director for the African Negotiations Institute and Chartered Academy of Negotiators.  He is currently also admitted to read NEGOTIATIONS at the Prestigious Harvard Business School.






PAST AMBASSADOR - The CRA, The CR Magazine and COMMIT!Forum past attendee for the year 2013-2014 held in part that year at NYSE EURONEXT and Financial District Wall St., NYC.


Nick started his work in public accounting prior to spending nearly 15 years in the public utility industry in taxation and fleet management as an analyst.  During this time Nick was responsible for fleet end of term refinancing and buyout negotiations of vehicles and equipment leases, departmental budgeting, monthly reporting and providing various analyses and performance benchmarking for upper management.  


Other duties included providing expertise surrounding the regulatory function with the NYSPSC and NYS Sales Tax authorities.   After a corporate buyout, Nick went on to start his own business in media and merchandise sales using both internet and direct marketing.


Other areas of experience include the retail industry, insurance and financial services as well as tax preparation. After earning his first bachelors in accounting, Nick obtained a graduate certificate in human resource management and is completing a second degree as a dual major in Psychology and Political Science.  


Having a diverse work history has given him an appreciation for small business challenges and opportunities facing business owners and entrepreneurs.  


Nick is particularly excited to be a part of Nash Holdings Inc. and its vision for future growth as well as its commitment toward corporate and community responsibility.  In becoming a member of Nash Holdings Inc., Nick brings a variety of experiences and skills and is looking forward to addressing these challenges as a team member, we are proud and fortunate to have Nick to our growing team.






Having been in business my entire adult life has allowed Jack to cultivate top notch people management skills.  Utilizing those skills over the years Jack have assembled some of the best management teams in business throughout his career.  Currently under a new joint venture with Nash Holdings and opening our new office in Tokyo, Japan, Jack is taking his new position very seriously and impressing Nash everyday. 


I truly believe a company is only as good as its employees.  I’ve learned that if you invest in your employees, be it through training, bonuses, providing growth potential or profit sharing, you breed a culture of commitment and dedication that is paramount to the success of any business.

Voted most likely to succeed upon graduation of High School, graduated top of his Military Training Class in the Ghana Armed Forces as a lieutenant including Ghana Army Radar Technical Management.  Jack was selected as Business Consultant of the Year 2015 Tokyo and served on Board of Directors for various Charities in Tokyo - Jack has been a busy entrepreneur.

Receiving his bachelor of sciences degree from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan.  Managed day to day of operations of Sulfuric Acid manufacturing facility
approximately 3500 employees. Assured adherence to all local, state and federal
environmental compliance regulations. Managed production and maintenance.

As CEO-President of Global Network Powers, Jack was responsible for major contract
negotiations and acquisitions.  Coordination of funding on multi-million Yen Tokyo to and government projects.  Directing all advertising and marketing strategies both domestic and internationally for business development and expansion in the global market place.


With JTB Consultants in recent past Jack was the Lead Consultant for all Japan related Government and International Business.  As CEO and President of M-TAS it Jack's responsibility to create an environment and culture of success. One that breeds a competitiveness and a “do whatever it takes mentality” to accomplish M-TAS’s objectives, which is to not just compete, but dominate both Domestically and Internationally in the cryptocurrency market place.  Nash and Jack have discussed plans to create an international government FED approved block-chain.

Jack has succeeded as a Six Sigma Management Training Graduate and an ISO (International for Standard Organization) Certified.  






Tina has graduated in HWANAN Women's University 2013.  Tina has been working in the international foreign trade business after graduating from her university.  Tina is familiar with the products that I have experience with exporting of products like apparel especially jeans, LED lights, small gifts and souvenir products, different kinds of Bluetooth speakers, DVD players, many other electronics  and recently with her husband they have launched a line of quality medical supplies for the current

COVID-19 pandemic.

Nash Holdings is now in a joint venture with Tina and her family.  We are now opening a new business license together in China and first office.  We also have received a shell company from one of Tina's relatives to develop in the near future.  Tina is currently setting up a new relationship with the largest bank in China, the National Bank of China to accept large letters of credit for NHI in the multi-millions of dollars with our European Partner's to excel additional businesses, but more importantly to purchase medical supplies for donations for the COVID-19 pandemic.

With her husband Zhong Ning "Johnny" they recently opened a unique milk tea shop

in Guangzhou City, in the mean time, they are developing their own RUIXIN import and export company.  They have a stable customer resources with established business relationships within their past work experience. 


Coming from a business family in established successes, we closed down our XINZILI electric factory two years ago which her husband's parents owned for more than fifteen years in Shenzhen.   This former electric factory has given an extensive business background for Tina, her husband and family.

Now developing our foreign trade business for different kinds of products, they know how to screen for quality manufacturers to accelerate with and which they can provide a professional service to our foreign customer based on our quality products and competitive prices.  Our stable customer from South Africa is a TOP 10 company there and has earned Tina and her family a great reputation in the export of quality Chinese products. 

Tina likes the words from one of her favorite books, it states "that people who can put themselves in the place of other people, who can understand the workings of their minds, need to never worry about what the future has in store for them."

Robert Nash has personally recruited Tina to our Senior Executive Team.

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If you are a Licensed FINRA Financial Advisor and would like to be added to our TEAM as our Primary Solicitor of Funds or a Participating Advisor for our Funding Round with our SEC Filing 506C / Reg D Private Placement Memorandum for Preferred Stock Offering please contact us at (315) 652-2274.

Nash and NHI in the past have been a Featured  2011 - 2015  GOLD  Member Company, and joining Member of the Corporate Responsible Association (CRA).  As a CRA Member 2011 - 2015 we have attended the CR Magazine's COMMIT!Forum held each .year in part at the NYSE EURONEXT on Wall St., NYC.  NHI is a past Ambassador 2013.


We are also registered with the NEW STARTUP NY under

Governor Andrew Cuomo's leadership for future NY State Tax Exemptions and a Greater New York City Chamber of Commerce Member!  



The Corporate Responsibility Association (CRA) is the fastest growing and importantly vital association on Wall St. and in participation with NYSE EURONEXT and growing each year!  


Nash Holdings and team anticipates the start up for business growth internationally. We will also be working with the U.S. Department of Trade and Commerce creating relationships to accelerate internationally.  Note: The above associations and entities are separate organizations working together for one SUCCESS!

Our Executive Team are past Ambassadors with the CRA and commited to promoting the CRA for its NEW MEMBERS!

Investors we hope will agree that NHI is a LONG HOLD for two years and more involving steady GROWTH with VALUE, not a get in - get out, with Investing in the Future with our Nash Holdings Business Model.
At The NYSE EURONEXT Board Room with theThe CR Magazine Annual Commit!Forum Summit, October 2013 Proudly displaying NYSE EURONEXT Medallions





COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT and International Top Level Banking Strategies Anchored with Food, Beverage, Travel and Entertainment, Bio Medical, Organic Health and more as our NHI foundation.